2009-08-21 v1.00
- First public release. rq-sssp-client is a multi-platform client that enables
SSSP capable receivers (such as some CaptiveWorks models) to be used as a
softcam or card sharing client. To work, it requires a standard null-modem
cable connected from a SSSP capable receiver to a supported platform device.

- The supported platforms are:
- Windows PC, Linux PC (x86)
- Dreambox (all models, PPC & MIPS)
- Triple Dragon
- DGStation Boxes (Relook, Mutant, CubeCafe) and
- ST40 Boxes (Kathrein UFS 910/IPBOX 9000HD)
- WRT54G Linux routers and compatibles (BCM947XX)

- Can connect to softcam or card sharing servers. Only the Newcamd protocol is

- Support for multiple CaID's. When server url's for different providers are
added, the client automatically traverses the list until it finds a suitable
url for the request.

- Review rq-sssp-client.conf for additional configuration options.

- File descriptions:
- rq-sssp-client-readme.txt - This file.
- rq-sssp-client.ppc - Binary for PowerPC boxes (Dreambox DM500, DM600,
DM7000, DM7020, Triple Dragon and DGStation boxes).
- rq-sssp-client.mips - Binary for MIPS boxes (Dreambox DM800HD and DM8000HD).
- rq-sssp-client.st40 - Binary for ST40 boxes (Kathrein UFS 910/IPBOX 9000HD).
- rq-sssp-client.x86 - Binary for Linux i386 PC's.
- rq-sssp-client.exe - Binary for Windows (WIN32).
- rq-sssp-client.bcm947xx - Binary for WRT54G and compatible linux routers.
- rq-sssp-client.conf - Configuration file. All versions.

- Only CaptiveWorks receivers have been tested on this release. There are other
SSSP capable receivers that may work. Try it and report your results.

- For detailed instructions on how to setup and use, visit rq-sssp-client's

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