Philips unveils Wii-like remote control

Chris Forrester

It sounds very sexy, and Philips’ uWand is said to be a revolutionary new type of TV remote control. It will be unveiled at this year’s IBC.

Consumer electronics giant Philips has developed uWand, a new ‘remote touch’ technology that allows users to interact with their TVs from a distance and will be launching it at this year’s IBC show.

uWand is, they say, a new market solution that supersedes the remote control and which already has commercial deals in place with device manufacturers and technology providers. Philips will be demonstrating the technology for the first time at the show on both TV and PC platforms in conjunction with both partners.

The uWand intuitive pointer and 3D control technology uses a small infrared camera embedded in the handheld device. This gives uWand a ‘remote touch’ capability that enables users to control objects and operate applications by pointing, clicking and using fluid 3D gestures, as if they were touching them directly, but from a distance. This means users can enjoy the traditional ‘lean back’ experience of the TV as well as the interactive experience of the PC.