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    Arrow Hbo pakistan

    Anyone have a new ccw keys of ary hbo pakistan on pas10 68.8e

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    Re: Hbo pakistan

    Constant CW HBO Pakistan 5-10-2009, 9:28

    INTELSAT 68.5E - 3863H S/R 19850 FEC 3/4

    SID 0008 VPID 2601:[BF6BA0B151AB71C3ED086BA7B985B035]; HBO Pakistan (68.5E)

    For Diablo Cams :
    0604:000000:00:8C:0008:[ BF6BA0B151AB71C3ED086BA7B985B035 ];HBO Pakistan (68.5E)

    For T-Rex & Dragon Cams :
    2600:0008:0A29:BF6BA0B151AB71C3ED086BA7B985B035 ;HBO Pakistan (68.5E)

    For GigaTwinCam (softcam.key)
    X 2600:0008:0A29:BF6BA0B151AB71C3ED086BA7B985B035 ;HBO Pakistan (68.5E)

    HBO PAKISTAN (68.5E)
    CAID 0x604, SID 0x008, VPID 0xA29, PMT 0x107, PROVIDER 0x00000
    CW0: BF 6B A0 B1 51 AB 71 C3
    CW1: ED 08 6B A7 B9 85 B0 35

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