Swiss Television SRG SSR with 6 HDTV programs from the beginning of 2012

The Swiss Television SRG SSR informed at the time the radio and TV commercial in a circular on the migration of six SRG SSR programs in HDTV in 2012. For this reason, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation recommends that dealers, customers not only recommend HDTV (DVB-S2)-compatible receiver to avoid later frustrations of the customer.

The proposed transponder occupancy from the beginning of 2012 provides for a reallocation of existing capacity and the additional reservation of an additional DVB-S2 transponder on the satellite Hotbird 13 east.

On the transponders 17 and 85 on Hotbird 13 East (DVB-S) 1 each HDTV channel is brought up on the additional DVB-S2 transponders 4 more HDTV channels. The transponder space from HD suisse is used by a regular HDTV programming SRG SSR on.

The proposed bandwidth per HDTV program is about 13 Mbit / s. The SDTV and radio programs expected to remain at their current transponder locations. SF info The program is offered only after the end of the simulcast phase in HDTV, that is, after shutdown of SDTV. The simulcast period should be kept as short as possible for cost reasons. At this stage, the people at the SRG SSR of the simulcast phase expires at the end of 2015th