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    Hello everybody!
    Can please someone help me how to flash my DM800 with the
    NabiloBlackHole_DM800_08, I got my dreamox 800 today and I am very excited.
    many regards

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    Re: NabiloBlackHole_DM800_08

    unzip the image in ur desktop pc
    remove the electriciy plug from dreambox 800 . press the button in front of dreambox keep pressing and at the same time put electricity plug back the dreambox will boot up and u will see a dhcp ip adress and the word stop at this time stop pressing and go to ur pc
    open a page internet explorer and put that dhcp ip in the bar
    in top page browse to image location in ur pc and flash dont disconect untill 100per 100 finish

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    Re: NabiloBlackHole_DM800_08

    Thankyou so much for the quick reply.
    It worked thanks.
    Now I have another problem, the dish does not move, I have a diseqc 1,2 and I have set to motor diseqc 1.2 and the rest with the dreambox800 and no luck the motor works perfect with my technomate 6900.
    So what am I doing wrong now??
    Many thanks.

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