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Thread: Strong SRT 4622X

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    Strong SRT 4622X


    I have been using Strong SRT 4622X for some months, at the beginning, I heard some people saying that I can unlock some channels by pressing 6969 twice, so I tried, and it worked...
    Well, I'm talking about the Disney Channel...
    I was able to watch Disney Channel by pressing the keys 6969 for a month or two... but now, this code does nothing, Disney Channel says Scrambled Channel...
    After searching and searching this forum, I found the original website of strong, and I downloaded SRT4622X.exe and SRT4622X.stb
    BUT, I don't have any cables to connect the receiver to my PC, but I have a USB Flash Memory...
    My question is: Can I use my USB to upgrade my SRT4622X?
    If yes, HOW? What are the steps? and is there any chances I could lose the receiver because of a wrong firmware (whatever is that) or if the electricity cuts off????

    by the way, if it's possible, I want 2 channels to unlock:
    - TF1
    - Disney Channel

    Thank you

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    Re: Strong SRT 4622X

    Post your question here => Strong receivers section .
    U'll have more chance to get an answer there.


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    Re: Strong SRT 4622X

    i am very happy

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    Re: Strong SRT 4622X

    i need help for these following decoders. please can anyone help me to get nargavision of strong? thanks in advance.

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    Re: Strong SRT 4622X

    hello sir,how r you ,you ok ,sir i need strong SRT4622xII software workin aljazera spot.pleas open this file and help me.thanks in advance.

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