Tele2 introduces VDSL in The Netherlands

By Robert Briel

The Dutch independent telco Tele2 is introducing high speed internet over VDSL in order to better compete with the Docsis 3.0 offers from cable companies Ziggo and UPC.

Called Tele2 Fiberspeed, the VDSL technoloy is now available to around 200,000 households on the Tele2 network (homes passed); at the end of next year the potential reach should be around 1 million homes.

Currently, Tele2 has some 400,000 customers, many of whom also take the IPTV service.

Tele2 VDSL will offer broadband access with speeds up to 60 Mbps. The new offer is in response to the 60Mbps and higher speeds currently being provided by most cable operators in the country.

Günther Vogelpoel, director consumer products Tele2, said to local press the new offer is “to counter the continous ADSL bashing by the cablers. Our technology still offers a lot of possibilities.”