Kudelski service mode pays off

By Julian Clover

The Kudelski Group has said its half year 2009 results demonstrate that it is reaping the fruits of the migration of its CA clients to the so-called service mode.

During 2008 the company delivered more than 25 million next generation smart cards to key operators including Dish/Echostar, Bell and Sogecable, completing the migration on the first months of 2009.

In a statement Kudleski said the Digital TV division had “materially improved its operating profitability in this first half and is expected to further recover in the second half”.

The Digital TV segment generated sales of CHF 301.3 million (€198.63), an increase of 12.2%, operating profit rising by CHF 33.2 million to reach CHF 20.9 million. European net sales increased by 7.9% to CHF 168 million, but US sales grew by a staggering 42.7%, benefiting from the Echostar upgrade, and compensating for a 12.9% decline in the Asian markets.