Chance to view failure not certified Canal Digital receivers

The chance is there that from September 1 to Canal Digital satellite viewers who watch with a non-certified satellite receivers again gives a image failure.

This news was published on the Canal Digital Satellite Forum.

With the new Mediaguard3 coding is now to be the 10 days send a Activation Signal that the validity of the operator ID and management are put forward two months. If you currently have a smartcard which these dates are not getting at least two months ahead are very likely to drop with image. Not every unauthorized satellite and / or CI module also gives the dates of both the management and operator ID again. In that case, if you are in possession of an unauthorized satellite, recommended by a dealer or installer to see if the smart card is the right updates received.

Canal Digital has in this case have previously worked with relevant suppliers of non-certified receivers. So at the Website SAB yesterday that no new firmware image is to experience failure. Furthermore, Canal Digitaal on its website a special page made operational where people who have problems with loss of image at right for information to unauthorized recipients. This page also links to unauthorized recipients with video firmware failure problems can be overcome.