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Thread: Problem Dream box 800 HD Clone tune Faild

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    Exclamation Problem Dream box 800 HD Clone tune Faild

    dear all,

    i just receive my dreambox HD she works correctly for 2 day without any problem after 2 day when i shutdown the dream she don't found the signal i must to research again the channel and after it s work but when i shutdown or i reboot the dreambox same problem and now nothink works ??

    i reconect my old dm500 and all works fine.

    for info i works with 2 heads one for Hotbird and the 2 for astra. no motor

    if someone have info for me.

    or there is know problem with satelite head with DM800 ????
    or tuner problem fix for clone ????
    or other else

    thks for you help

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    Re: Problem Dream box 800 HD Clone tune Faild

    thks all for your help

    i found the solution my self

    the problem is due my power supply was defect and don't give enougt power for the antena.
    after changing the power supply everythink works correctly

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