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Thread: DVR-Studio HD

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    DVR-Studio HD


    The following has changed in version 1.55:

    • New: Recordings can be renamed in compiling list for export. If you click on new project is now set in advance the name of the project.
    • New: progress dialog and application can be minimized during the export.
    • New: Warning when Output on FAT32 drives. On issue types, where a film must be in a Dateigeschrieben will now check if the target partition is appropriate.
    • New: Warning if overwriting of existing projects
    • New: Warning on search advertising, where crop areas so far.
    Accompanied by a renewed search advertising, the existing section definitions are indeed deleted. Now here is a warning.
    • New: Export Kathrein UFS902, UFS910, UFS922, Lyngbox, Fuba ODE 990, Sony Playstation in FAT32 and Straeaming
    The above devices are now created all the control files. Thus, one can any film from any other receiver in this device format change and the device plays the films as his own distinct images.
    • New: Geräteauwahl: Filter for HD / SD and device type.
    The selection list in the preferences was completed. So one can easily see which device has been available.
    • New: Geräteauwahl: Symbols for Device and HD / SD in lists.
    In the selection list you can now instantly distinguish SD and HD equipment and also filter.
    • Mod: Geräteauwahl can: Max will be selected 5 instead of 3 devices.
    The higher number is needed because a customer can absorb so well with music players and cameras.
    • Mod: Geräteauwahl may: order of the selected devices are changed.
    You can now make its list of the equipment used to sort. Anselektieren device easily and move with the arrow keys the order.
    • Mod: "New Project" asks directly for a new name.
    • fix: Intensive search advertising for small files improved.
    There are now found even smaller blocks of commercials.
    • Fix: Read TechniSat 4GByte bigger shots.
    In divisions of the Technisat occurred when merging problems. This led to discontinuation in the output at the crossing point. This is now fixed.

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    Re: DVR-Studio HD


    DVR-Studio HD 1.56

    The following has changed in version 1.56:

    New: transmission grid and data rate of the film with rating.
    It is now displayed in what time intervals a cut is possible. This is specified by the sender. Also, the data rate of the film is shown. Both values are marked with symbols that the quality assessment (thumbs up, sideways, downwards).

    New: Drag and drop entire folders can now be inserted.
    You can now drag an entire folder with a movie simply in the compilation.

    New: Delete multiple crop areas at once.
    Simply select all areas with an average multiple as with other files on Windows and delete with one click.

    New: In error analysis will preview selected directly after the next error range.
    After playing a fault location is then automatically selected the next point of failure. You just have to press play again.

    New: Progress indicator in taskbar in% (in addition to a bar in Windows 7)

    New: Reset the settings on startup means holding down the left Shift key.
    The program would malfunction, it can be used for loading the default settings.

    Mod: Adaptation Kathrein UFS 902/910 export to Firmware 2.01
    Kathrein has increased from the Firmware 2.01 The following files to 4GB. When exporting with the device format you can now choose the new 4GB and 2GB old division. This is important if one wants to bring the film back to the receiver.

    Fix: Positioning at Eurosport HD and some HD suisse
    The select a location in the film resulted in some circumstances to ensure that the pointer has jumped to an entirely different place.

    Fix: 4GB partition for PS3
    For films with long GOPs did it happen that the maximum size is exceeded 4GB.

    Fix: missing thumbnail images when opening shots
    After the opening of a film has sometimes been the first preview image is not loaded.

    Fix: Fix for SD M2TS possible (WebService)

    Fix: some stations were not recognized (eg, Eurosport HD NL)

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    Re: DVR-Studio HD


    DVR-Studio HD 1.58

    The following has changed in version 1.58:

    Fix: Cut areas have been partially ignored
    The error led to discontinuation during the processing of the table with the previously defined cut areas.

    Fix: Cut Preview gets stuck sometimes
    Under certain circumstances, a call to the Preview section could not be processed.

    Fix: Wraparound caught with illegal PTS
    When wraparound, so resetting the time stamp, it seemed, had at this point, an invalid PTS resulted in an error.

    Fix: "Phantom of error areas" for export functions
    The temporary pointer jumped in circumstances after clicking on the start or EndCut to an undefined point in the timeline.

    Convert Mod: jump to the agency before the next error "or" Ignore "
    After playing the preview section to a fault, this jump has jumped to the next error. Now, only query that should be done with it.

    Mod: Cut preview has priority over mistakes Preview
    Located in a cutting area, an error position, a preview leading to the fault location to the runs on the crop area.

    Have fun with DVR-Studio HD 1:58 ...

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    Re: DVR-Studio HD

    21 04 2010

    DVR-Studio HD2 1.66

    Hey Guys,
    as you see, our new page and DVR-Studio HD 2 is online.
    Unfortunately, there was this unforeseen problems represented by us and not been considered. Actually, we were now ready tomorrow at 9:00.
    By switching our SSL certificate was invalid.
    Unfortunately, the programs communicate DVR-Studio HD 1 and HD 2 because of data encrypted with the server.
    As a result, the web service is not running without a new certificate.
    1 +1 has assured us within 2 hours to provide a new certificate, but also had to contend with the problem that the issuing company Geotrust had just today changed its rules and 1 +1 your own processes still have to change it.
    Unfortunately, we are still waiting ...
    In order to help you yet, we have just decided to built in DVR-Studio HD1 and HD2 a double query, which causes the program encrypts only normal to try to access the web service and if not feasible, again without SSL.
    This automation ensures that the new versions can now work without SSL.
    Once we receive the certificate that is installed in the server and then the communication is automatically encrypted.
    Latest in the next version we will extend the well again.
    Important: Because the old version 1.65 only via SSL encryption works, it will not work until after the release of the new SSL certificate again. This is the moment (22:30) was not the case.
    Please invite you therefore DVR-Studio 1.66 or the new HD DVR HD Studio 2.0 download and use these programs.
    You can find both versions to our new download site and through these links:
    The HD 2.0 times anyone can still use for 30 days.
    Customers who bought the HD 1.x, you can unlock the 1.66 normal.
    Sorry for the confusion .... and the delays We had also presented the different.
    Please have some sympathy for our situation ...
    Due to the fact that we had again the problem with the 1 +1 servers, we will hire as the next with another provider a second server that is acting in such a case as a backup.
    Please give us the time for it to implement this.
    Your team of software Haenlein

    Thx Sascha, Tobias, Kimi and Ralf
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    Re: DVR-Studio HD

    DVR-Studio HD 1.68 und DVR-Studio HD 2.02

    New: crash in the burner-Interface is registered (DVR-Studio HD2)
    If it came with a demolition torch to a problem, it could block the program. If it now becomes a problem when the program is running, the burner is blocked. This can be enabled via Tools -> Settings -> Authoring again.
    New: fallback window
    The version 1.65 could not start because of the SSL problem and the customer did not know what it was. Now we have installed a window, call that a normal web site can. About this site we can be centrally controlled information about the problem.
    Fix: demux: could not write the wrong byte per cut
    When demultiplexing to each cut a wrong byte was written under circumstances that had image disturbances.
    Blu-Ray / AVCHD menu problem (DVR-Studio HD2)
    On some players, there were problems with the menu. This constantly changing with regard to the demo without it there could start a recording
    Blu-Ray / AVCHD authoring exported: No more MPEG audio (DVR-Studio HD2)
    So far, even in the Blu-Ray / AVCHD authoring exports the MPEG audio track with. MPEG audio is not part of the Blu-Ray standards.
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    Re: DVR-Studio HD

    DVR-Studio HD 1.69 und DVR-Studio HD 2.03
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    Re: DVR-Studio HD

    DVR-Studio HD 1.70 und DVR-Studio HD 2.04

    The following was adapted:

    New: Vantage VT-1 Equipment Export
    Export of complete equipment for the Vantage VT-1 as well as the Vantage HD8000.

    Fix: SD DVD ISO production made problems on some systems
    On some systems it was done at the SD DVD ISO to the "C + + Runtime Error".

    Fix: Error in the Analysis precedent (Wraparound / Time Stamps)
    Recordings could not open it or not, the program broke off easily.

    Fix: "Pre verification fails" Cause eliminated
    Reporting to the DVD creation. Cause removed.

    Fix: No SD image to Intel Core i7 CPU
    Here was a low level Decoder from Main Concept problems. Unfortunately, the latest decoder makes vereinzelnden on old CPUs problems. The theme is in Maine work. For that reason in this version detection of the CPU is integrated type, which switches on PC's with i7 CPU to the new decoder. On a non i7 CPU systems, the old decoder is still used.
    If someone with SD recordings continue to have a black thumbnail, please notify by mail at I have a patch, which allows you to switch the Endoder.

    Fix: Win XP SP 2 Fixed SSL certificate problem (change message on the backup server)
    Our actual SSL certificate returns to remove parameters that were previously unknown. We have adapted the request of the program on a PC running XP SP2 so that it is clear even with the new security level is, without compromising security.

    Fix: Delete all green intersections is no longer possible
    There remains at least a green crop area in the table. It is no longer possible to select all areas in order to then delete all.

    Change: minor improvements in the Menu Editor (objects are now created on mouse-position)
    The new menu item, we placed stood at the point at which also has the mouse pointer. So far, new items always appeared in the middle.

    Change: "Keep subtitle" function is disabled by default.
    Make external tools and several players took the message that its output data asynchronously. This related only to the Teletext track. For customers who want to use this feature on, they can activate in the settings manually. We will have to see this feature again in more detail.
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    Last Version of DVR-Studio HD

    DVR-Studio HD 2.09 und DVR-Studio HD 1.74

    In this new version of the HD1 and HD2, we have taken care to strengthen the export units.

    The following was adapted from the 1.73 / 2.08:

    New: Equipment and exports for the Technisat productsHD1/HD2)
    (Instructions) Digicorder HD S2
    (Instructions) Digicorder HD S2
    (Instructions) Digicorder HD K2
    (Instructions) Digicorder HD S2X
    (Instructions) Digicorder HD K2X
    (Instructions) Digit HD8-S
    (Instructions) Digit HD8-C

    Change: Headsprung improved and optimized for some special receiver (Homecat HS9000, Homecast 8100 series, Kathrein UFS922) (HD1/HD2)
    The aforementioned devices have the pictures a more or less large header that can be avoided when opening the record must. So far, here on the largest Haeder of devices directed at what led to devices with a smaller Haeder the first seconds of recording was not recorded.

    New: When opening shots of the Humax FOXSAT first EPG block is read (the title and movie description) (HD1/HD2)
    Title and description are in the movie description, and for authoring.

    New: photos of Lasat receivers correctly read (HD1/HD2)
    The receiver has stored on its own in the transport stream control packets that have been shown as an error in processing. These packets are then filtered out automatically.

    New: Equipment Export for OPTICUM following products: (HD1/HD2)
    (Instructions) TS Opticum HD 9600
    Customers should have the 9500 HD Please set the 9600 and try to export a device. If this receiver to play these recordings to the same treatment, please feedback to me.

    Change: Adjustments to the internal interface burner (DVD DL, ISO-image format of RE / RW, etc.) (HD2)
    The integration of the new internal burner interface has been improved and repaired minor problem with blanks and burners.

    Fix: Support Video Search now possible with german umlauts (HD1/HD2)
    When entering with German umlauts in the search term, this led to an inadequate search.

    Fix: Prevent deadlock Authoring (HD2)
    The second call was authoring it under certain circumstances that the program just hung. The user received no feedback.
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    Re: DVR-Studio HD

    DVR-Studio HD1.76, Studio HD 2.14, Compress 2.03

    The major change for all programs:
    These versions are now on Windows 7 with SP1 läuffähig. A new version of DVR-cover is also true in the near future.
    IMPORTANT: All older versions run on Windows 7 with service pack is not working 1.
    Since Microsoft will offer users of Windows 7 SP1 is automatically to be assumed that the majority will use. To avoid unnecessary requests, we will therefore turn off completely after 2 weeks, the old versions of the web service.

    New: teletext and DVB subtitles are retained in TS and M2TS exports
    In exports is now an existing text and / or DVB-subtitles and output again. This refers not to the DVD / BD edition. This feature comes with a later version.

    New: Custom menus can be saved as templates
    If you have created a menu to suit your own needs, we can now save it as a template. This template will appear as a proposal for their own menus in the program window.

    Fix: Sometimes wrong audio PTS calculation near wraparound
    The transmitters send timestamp, the count up. We reached the maximum number, we set it back to zero. Which is a wraparound. Wraparound met this close to a sound package, it came in the processing of this recording to problems.

    Fix: Failed to set the cut points
    Under certain conditions, it was the set of intersection points to problems and share the images were exported several times also.

    Fix: Sometimes, the message text as an e-AC3 track detected
    For specific stations (eg Arte [SD]) of the Teletext was detected as an e-AC3 track, this meant that the track resulted in the further processing to abort the processing.

    Fix: Tonversatz in automatic cuts
    Cutting areas identified by the automatic detection and set advertising resulted in uncontrolled processing Tonversatz.

    Fix: Audio language was not set in TS or M2TS Export
    The identification (specifying the language, eg German, English, French) was not passed to the export the new file and so has been identified in playing with the device as "unknown."

    Fix: ZDF / ARD HD video text timestamp problem solved
    In the transmitters, it happens that the video text to be sent offset by some. This is also when playing in the receiver. Our programs can compensate for this shift now. At issue in the device format, the thus generated new file is in the receiver back in order.

    Fix: Better representation in higher DPI value adjusted on Windows
    If the Windows settings for the display of the DPI value is not set to the default 100%, there was delayed and partially hooked surfaces. By making changes now, the completeness of the text and other UI elements is given.

    Change: More tolerance in advanced troubleshooting
    The Tolleranzschwelle the error detection has been increased, since this led to reports of errors that were not as such in the play.

    Change: New version of the burner port
    Our supplier provides us with a quarterly advanced burner interface, the latest on the market are designed burner.

    Change: It is now the time for the "Project Cleanup" be changed
    DVR-Studio HD (2) oversee the project directory and offers older projects to delete. The period is now adjustable. The projects will be available to be deleted and deleted without further inquiry.

    Change: Invalid audio tracks will be disabled (eg Schwaiger DSR 1080)
    Various receivers also feature audio tracks with invalid. These are now detected and disabled.

    Change: Improved detection of the burner (multiple drives)
    If more were installed in the PC optical drives, it came under some circumstances to false positives.

    All Programs Change: PowerPack GUI elements for better compatibility replaced
    Were used style elements that do not belong to the standard elements of. Net, but only in the power pack. Net was included. Was this not exist on the PC, this led to a program termination. This PowerPack elements were replaced with standard items.

    Compress 2 Fix: Adapted H.264 optimization
    When removing the filler bits in HD movies in 720p it came with isolated receivers to malfunction when playing the edited film.

    Compress 2 Fix: Crash when selecting the SD if predetermined surface structure was invalid VIDEO_TS
    If a Video_TS folder is called, which contained a really bad structure, this led to a crash of Compress second

    These were the main changes introduced in version 2.13. Here again a reminder:

    Core of these new versions is the integration of our new product DVR-true cover.
    With this tool, you create fast-response DVD and BD Cover directly from the receiving data directly from DVR-Studio HD.
    For more detailed information on the product side of true cover on our homepage.

    Information pool for creating DVD menus, the devices in the unit export formats and the creation of the DVD cover is the window "for receiving information" that can be accessed via this button:

    To emphasize the importance of the buttons, this blinks after shooting a load several times. In the window you can edit next to the preview and the movie name and the movie description. If the receiver delivers the info is here and the EPG text over the transmitter.
    One should get used to best edit the data here, because these information flows automatically to various points of processing:
    - Export in device format: (example ..)
    - Acquisition of the menu: Go with the creation of the main menu, everything is registered.
    - Transfer to DVR-true cover: all title of the DVD and the individual images with text and movie titles are displayed as a finished DVD and DVD case.
    - Scheduled export an archive program is also still further properties of the recordings.

    -New Finish window:
    We have improved the clarity. In the left half of all output types are available. Depending on what you anselektiert, so does the right half. Thus gives a detailed info what this edition of Arte and what they are used. In addition, the settings will be displayed for this type of output. The default values from the settings are pre-selected and can be changed for the upcoming operation. About the cogs of the special settings are also callable. For output to a DVD / DB can be determined in addition to the Compress settings now, whether at the start of the processing is loading projects in work-in DVR true cover. Based on the EPG data that is already written ready.

    - Added call to the instructions on all our products.
    DVR-Studio HD is the main product now in a position to directly load the instructions of DVR-Compress DVR and-true cover. (If installed)

    - New: Installation program for management, buying and unlocking
    There were always questions about where I find the serial number for an order, how do I unlock or how can I download it. For the reason, everything is now together in one window. You see the status of the application (HD, Compress, true cover)

    Note: DVR-Studio HD must be activated even earlier, because only then it knows the customer access information. Thus, it retrieves the license information from the customer area. If the license in another customer are, there remains the registration window of Compress / true cover open.
    View Compress / true cover has the same serial number is as reported in the customer: Important. Otherwise, are not of activation. (A license is only usable on a PC)

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    Re: DVR-Studio HD

    hi friends can u help me with this prog
    leicence (non , demo expired)

    i tryed to delete the old one

    pllllz help

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