Denmark's Nordija signs middleware deal with Smile Content

Danish firm Nordija has signed an agreement with local service provider Smile Content to replace its current IPTV middleware with Nordija's fokusOn3 platform.

Smile Content is one of the largest providers of triple-play services delivered over fibre-optic networks in the country, and works in collaboration with network operators such as DONG Energy, SEAS/NVE, Energi Fyn, SYD ENERGI, Midtvest Bredbånd, Energi Midt, Galten Elværk, NRGi, Energi Randers Tele, HEF Bredbånd & Bredbånd Nord.

“It is our strategy to be the preferred service provider on the fibernet in Denmark," says Kim Wehrs, CEO of Smile Content. "The change of the middleware platform was key in order to achieve our goal providing a constant stream of new services and content through their open and flexible platform. We define ourselves as aggregators of content and services tailored to FTTH. We offer our customers our own services and content on top of the best from third-party vendors."