Satellites for sale, one careful owner

by David Allen

Two satellites have been put up for sale by ProtoStar in an auction that will take place in the 14th October, following the decision of the Delaware Bankruptcy Court to approve the sale on the 24th August.

The buying and selling of satellites is a very sensitive business but in this case the court approval allows ProtoStar to reveal details of the contract and terms with Boeing.

ProtoStar is contracted to pay Boeing for the ProtoStar 2, but such is the power of a company like Boeing that it can determine who sees the contract.

So far, there has been interest from both SES and Eutelsat, which is hardly a surprise as this is a new satellite and is ready to go.

However, with the limitations on placed on the sale by Boeing, it may be difficult for some satellite operators who are restricted from seeing all of the paperwork.