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Thread: Convert Gbox Cshware to CCcam cfg

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    Convert Gbox Cshware to CCcam cfg

    Hi all
    I have contracted with 5 servers on Gbox with a Dreambox 500s and i can't receive Showtime, i heard that it fonctions very well the Ccam with Dreambox.
    My question is it possible to convert the file of Cshware of Gbox into Ccam cfg on a Dreambox 500s?? I hope there is a solution and made myself clear..


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    Re: Convert Gbox Cshware to CCcam cfg

    Hi louis40

    NO it's impossible
    Maybe the solution is to run together gbox-cccam (seems possible but I'm not find the soluce at this time)
    You'll need to find more peers (specially that you want to see)

    The easy way is to find a gbox Showtime peer...

    Use surch fonction on the SatSupreme site & pray...
    happy sharing & enjoy

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