Enigma2 Team Ducktales Build rev1424 of 30/08/2009 Points Mod 4.1

E2 @ rev1424 Kathrein HD UFS910

Image is designed to be installed on a pendrive or hard sata

E2 changes compared to version 1366:

Submitted by TDT:

- Fast pic drawing function
- Fix Mediaplayer Playlist
- Fixes a bug if keyboard or / and mouse is plugged in
- Added to prevent skin_user.xml green screen on teletext subtitles
- Fixed the problem with starting to record while playback or Timeshift is active
- Improved the start_feed / stop_feed
- Fix for fast forward and playing in Timeshift recorings
- Fix GreenScreen after playing a file in mediaplayer
- Fix default config path udhcp
- Fastforward and seeking bug fixed
- Added about notifying the decoder stream discontinuities. This improves behavior for fast forward speeds above 8x. It also improves the rewind behavior. However the rewind speed can be controlled.
- Cleaned up driver code

Submitted by Points:

- List of channels with djcrash @ 30-08-2009
- New mountmanager v0.6.1 (servicing multi CIFS and NFS)
- Improved Polish translations e2
- Improved compatibility with softusb2

NOTE: To use the multi CIFS for each resource should create a separate file cifs1.conf, etc. cifs2.conf in / var / config


Polish Team Kathi

DOWNLOAD standard image 35 MB

DOWNLOAD SoftUSB2 image 40 MB