Spain: DTT content not up to scratch says producer

Iñaki Ferreras

Although Spain has 20 national DTT channels plus regional and local serices whose number depends on every region, the quality of new television has not improved much, according to Pedro Pérez, president of the Federation of Associations of the Audiovisual Producers (FAPAE).

Pérez recently critiziced the quality of content, saying that with the arrival of Spain's DTT, quality had gone down in favour of "all is good" in order to save broadcasters' final results. "This is not the way an audiovisual project should be built up so we all feel proud of it," he said.

At the same time, Pérez stated the national government should establish regulations on the quality of content before giving out the DTT licences of which there are a total of 1,290 including pay-DTT and local DTT.