Portugal's 600,000 DTH subscribers

˝aki Ferreras

The number of subscribers to Portugal's DTH services grew nearly 13.000 in the second quarter of this year, reaching 597,000 subscribers. This corresponds to a 2.2% progression in relation to the previous quarter and 13.7% up on the same period last year according to telecoms regulator ANACOM.

According to the association this growth is a consequence of a growing number of clients of the country's main telco PT Comunicaš˘es. through its pay-TV operator Meo SatÚlite.

With regard to the geographical regions of the country Norte with 33.2% and Centro with 29.4% are those with the highest number of DTH subscribers.

Pay-TV overall also grew in Portugal revealing that despite the recent arrival of free-to-air DTT, Portuguese viewers are still willing to pay for premium content. The pay-TV market has exceeded 2.37 million subscribers, 47,000 more in Q2 than in Q1 this year and 232,000 more than at the same time last year.

But cable TV subscribers went down 1.5% to account for 61.2% of the pay-TV market, while the more recent technologies such as IPTV and fibre optics with 13.6% of total market have a stronger weight. DTHĺs share of the pay-TV market was static at 25.2% of the total.

As for market share by operator, the market is still dominated by ZON TV Cabo, despite this operator losing market share by 1.7% in this period. Its share stands at 68.2% followed by PT Comunicaš˘es which has 18.7% of the market with a growth of 2.2% and finally by CabovisÔo with 11.1%, down by 0.6% in this quarter in relation to the previous quarter.