Austria to subsidise HD cable tuners

By Robert Briel

The Austrian telecom regulator RTR and Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich/WKÖ) are planning to spend up to €2 million in a fund to subsidise HD cable tuners in the country.

Cable customers will receive a voucher for €40 good towards the purchase of an HD cable tuner. The incentive will be available for a six month period ending February 28, 2010.
The voucher will be available from retail shops or directly from cable operators.

According to the RTR, at present about 43% of all Austrian homes receive television by cable, but just 7% watch digital cable. This is far behind the two other main means of TV reception.
Indeed, while half of all Austrian homes use satellite reception, 43% are digital.

The remaining 7% are dependent on terrestrial reception, of which 5% are digital.
In total, 58% of all Austrian homes now receive digital TV.