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Thread: Setting Humax by GioppyGio« Update 01-09-2009

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    Setting Humax by GioppyGio« Update 01-09-2009

    Setting Humax by GioppyGio« Update 01-09-2009

    Dualfeed 13E-19E
    DualFeed 13E-1W
    DualFeed 13E-9E
    e Motor 68E-45W

    Sviluppati con l'ausilio di:


    Compatibili con:
    Humax 5000/5100/52x0/53x0/5400 55x0/VA/NA/CR/F1-3000/FOX/ACE/RCA/BTCI-5900

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    Re: Setting Humax by GioppyGio« Update 01-09-2009

    Ciao,scusa ma non trovo quelli motor anche se annunciati..CIAO grazie
    use english pls

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    Two questions to GioppyGio

    Dear GioppyGio,

    before of two questions THANKS because you're continuing to support and publish the settings for humax, now abandoned even by well-known maker setting of the past, then

    1) in the today post I read that there should also be the motor setting, but in neither place, nor on your site I found, is an oversight?

    2) you think you begin to work also on the setting of azbox?

    Thanks again and hello.

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