PrimaCom loses analogue TV homes

By Robert Briel

September 1, 2009 09.43 UK

The German cable operator PrimaCom reported a drop in the number of analogue cable connections during the first half year, in part due to the sale of two networks.

The operator served 702,878 with analogue television, down from 835,506, as of the end of June. The majority of this loss, 102,058 customers, stemmed from the sale of its networks in the cities of Wiesbaden and Aachen.

The number of broadband internet homes grew from 54,952 to 55,423, while the number of telephony customers grew from 41,303 to 48,026.
Turneover of the cabler came down from 58.52 million to 54.51 million, EBITDA was minus 18.72 million (as compared with minus 6.02 million last year).