Hi. Small update from me for @all Gemini fans. You can use those skins on Gemini from v420 to 440 (I tested it and works without any problems) and e2 CVS (only Infinity_hd for CVS image) If you have troubles just send me crashlog and we will see what's wrong. 

I modified ExtendedServiceInfo and deleted/added some things (maybe useful for someone) I don't know how it works with DVB-C and DVB-T tuner (with DVB-S/S2 work good) I am not python expert (I know only basics so if someone wants maybe to help fix that if it's problem) Skins using some @valis renderers/converters (big thx for that @vali) 

Install so as it was showed in catalogues! Just copy by FTP in right places to your DM800/8000 with Gemini2 image (give chmod 644 for files) 
from version 420 to 440. Skins are tested and working great  

In pack is Kerni Hd1 [picon/no picon], Infinity HD [mixed with HD glass] 

Main font is updated for polish people (with english it work also good) I don't now how it look with other languages... You can always use your favourite font (just rename it to nmbsd.ttf and copy by ftp to usr/share/fonts) 

Btw. If something is cut on your screen just adjust Infobar position in Gemini Blue panel