Cablecom launches 100 Mbit/s internet

Jörn Krieger

Swiss cable operator Cablecom has commenced marketing its planned high speed broadband internet access. Customers in the regions of Zurich, Bern and Winterthur can now surf the net with a data rate of up to 100 Mbit/s, with nationwide coverage planned by the end of 2010.

Three tariffs are available: Fiber Power internet 100 (100 Mbit/s for downloads and 7 Mbit/s for uploads) for 95 francs (€63) per month, Fiber Power internet 50 (50 Mbit/s and 5 Mbit/s) for 85 francs (€56) per month and Fiber Power internet 10+ (10 Mbit/s and 5 Mbit/s) for 59 francs (€39) per month.

“Over the past four years we have invested more than a billion Swiss francs to enable the Fiber Power expansion,” said managing director Eric Tveter in Zurich. “The result is a high quality, future proof network which consists of over 95% of fibre optic lines and can flexibly cater to increasing demand. With Fiber Power we are leaving ADSL way behind us.”

The company announced the 100 Mbit/s upgrade plans a year ago.