HanseNet offers HD films via IPTV

German telco HanseNet is now offering customers of the IPTV platform Alice homeTV distributed on its ADSL broadband networks selected films from its digital video library in high definition (HDTV). An ADSL2+ broadband connection with a data rate of 16 Mbit/s is a prerequisite.

“Film fans can now experience Hollywood movies in HD quality and fully utilise the potential of their modern flat screen television sets – without the additional expenditure of Blu-Ray players and discs or a VDSL connection,” said Ralf Greßelmeyer, divisional manager of Alice Marketing, in Hamburg.

Alice homeTV offers via video-on-demand up to 150 films, documentaries and reports free of charge with the line-up being updated monthly. The video library comprises more than 1,500 movies, including current titles released at the same time as the DVD is offered for sale, available for €0.90 to €6.90 per film.

The IPTV platform, launched in May 2006, is available in 150 cities, corresponding with a technical reach of more than 10 million households.