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Thread: DVBStreamExplorer V3 Build 46

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    DVBStreamExplorer V3 Build 46

    DVBStreamExplorer is an application to explore SI information in MPEG2 transport streams.

    It supports most common DVB cards for PC, such as TechnoTrend Premium, Bugdet and USB families, Hauppauge Nexus/Nova, B2C2 Broadband4PC devices like SkyStar2, Sky2PC and Cable4PC, Air2PC and Twinhan VisionPlus DTV.

    The intended audience for this application is mostly developers working with ISO13818-1 defined transport streams, or users who like me are simply curios about the content of these transport streams. A understanding of the transport stream defined in ISO13818-1 would improve the usefulness of this application. As a good starting point for users who want to know more about the DVB standards I would recommend "A guideline for the use of DVB specifications and standards" reference TR 101 200 which can be downloaded from From here you will find reference to most important standards which DVB is based on.

    Main features:
    Scan transponder for PAT, CAT, NIT, SDT, EIT, TDT, TOT, RST, AIT (MHP) and all PMT tables referrered to in PAT.
    Display SI information in tree/list view.
    Most descriptors from ISO13818-1 and EN 300 468 are displayed
    AV/ raw PID Streaming to disk. This depend on what exactly is supported by the API/SDK for the card being used
    SI scanning of TS files saved on disk.

    Windows 2000/XP. It should work on Windows 98/ME as well, but these platforms are not tested.
    One of the DVB cards/USB boxes supported.
    Required CPU speed depends vary depending on DVB card being used
    For DirectShow based cards (currently B2C2 and Twinhan) DiretX 9 is required.

    Credits to the authors!

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    hi captain
    one more ting i have the receiver that uses bell expres vu and dishnetwork to with a programable card, any software (without trojans:) ) that help me to up date this card to keep this box going , i just realize that this boxes are back, just need to be reprogramed the card, any way thanks
    this is to catch the satellite in north america

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