TechniSat brings MHEG-5 to Germany

Jörn Krieger

Set-top-box manufacturer TechniSat has become the first company in Germany to launch an interactive multimedia service based on MHEG-5 technology.

All digital receivers and TV sets made by TechniSat will in future be equipped with “MultyText”, which can transmit picture and text information to accompany TV or radio programmes, for example news, weather, financial data or sports results. Some set-top-boxes already on the market will be able to be upgraded via a software update.

TechniSat has won Germany’s national weather service Deutscher Wetterdienst and UK-based technology provider S&T as partners, with the first service offered being an extensive weather forecast.

The free service, which will be displayed on the TV screen, shows an overview of the current weather conditions for the entire country as well as for individual regions, including a 10-day forecast. Also, storm warnings can be accessed by pressing a button on the remote control.

In the UK, the MHEG-5 standard is utilised by DTT platform Freeview and satellite package Freesat.