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Thread: Viasat 5E TV6+7 gone?

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    Viasat 5E TV6+7 gone?


    I canīt open TV6+7 anymore using a CT5000C+.
    All others are still working ok (DR,NRK,SVT).

    Are those 2 chls gone for good, or is it only me that has
    lost those chls??

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    Re: Viasat 5E TV6+7 gone?

    Yes, they are gone for good. They are not "free channels" any more. And not only TV6+7, but also TV4 Sweden has left.

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    Re: Viasat 5E TV6+7 gone?

    Hallo TV6 and Viasat3 Hungarian channel no Key ,Videoguard and Viaccess 2.6 key.

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