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Thread: Help getting ip of my Dreambox

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    Help getting ip of my Dreambox

    Does my dreambox have a specific ip other than that of my local network?

    I can se an ip which is but this is the same for all dreamboxes on different home networks.

    so my question is Does my dreambox have another unique ip address? Or shall I include this ip address when I send my C line for CS?

    many thanks


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    Hi nelgo

    Unique IP is UNIQUE then there is only ONE
    To communicate whith your network, IP dream and IP network must be similare
    Example: dream =
    network pc = than they can NOT comminicate
    because usually net-mask is (

    to commicate with you pc's, you need to change dreamIP as the same network of your DSL router.

    Usually router IP = then the firs pc on your network need eg: the second (never the SAME)
    Your dream is similar to computer then you must change it's IP as eg,

    How to:(only without DHCP active)
    find the PC's local IP =
    Windows star menu, then select execute type "cmd" and press ok
    A black windows will appear.
    Usually you can see "
    Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2000 Microsoft Corp.

    E:\Documents and Settings\Administrateur.LONDON.000>
    (Last line will be different than your's )
    On this window type:
    ipconfig/all and then enter

    You can see : Adress IP ................ is the PC's IP
    and default gateway ................
    and netwok mask ................

    Then your dream IP must be 192.168.1.X

    GREEN = Always the same

    RED = Always different

    If DHCP is actived on your network, you can'NOT change any IP adress
    Assume that dreambox DHCP is actived too. Then you don't need to change any IP, Windows will change it for you.
    The best way is to attribute manual IP to all network parts
    Sorry for bad english I m french

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    Re: Help getting ip of my Dreambox

    many thanks for your explenation. I think I have solved the problem, but now thinks are more clear.

    and By the way your english is very Good !!!

    Many thanks once again

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