Hi all,

I'm looking for up to date (i think many people may have the same configuration as mine) settings for E2 (DM800) connected to an antenna visiosat G3:
here's the link to the antenna manufacturer:

I have so two questions:
1) Which settings sorted by provider (english or french language if possible) may i use ? I'm actually using other multi settings because i don't find any settings (or rarely) for the 3 sat..
any name/help/clue please ? which one do you use ?

2) Second question but i'll cross post on another section, i'm using this antenna with 3 sat (13E+19.2E+28.2E) but Eurobird 28.5 is 0.3degr from 28.2, i headr this is possible to have the 2 satellites (28.2 + 28.5) and they'll be seen only as one in the DM sat settigns ?? Do i need to download settings for these 4 satellites so ?

Thanks in advance !
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