Five to join Sony internet TV platform

By Julian Clover

Five has become the first British broadcaster to agree to have its TV programmes carried on an internet TV platform operated by a receiver manufacturer.

The RTL-owned broadcaster says it is to “explore participating” in Sony’s new Bravia Internet Video platform. It means the broadcaster’s content will be distributed via internet-enabled Bravia TVs, Sony Blu-ray Disc Players and Blu-ray home cinema systems.

The agreement follows last month’s decision to join the BBC, ITV and BT in Project Canvas, which is aiming to ensure the broadband delivery of content into the living room.

Five has also begun to embed selected programmes from the Demand Five catch-up TV services into websites including Holy Soap and FiveFWD, targeting specific online groups.

Bravia Internet Video is also planning to offer a variety of short form video content, including the ubiquitous YouTube, and the technology magazine Wired. The US version of the service features content from more than 25 providers including Amazon Video On Demand, Netflix and Sony Pictures.