vlmnt_2009_09_05 Qbox_HD

1_Filesystem for Qbox_HD based on latest 2009_09_04

- This release MUST be used along with the QHU version 16_07_2009

2_Latest mbox.emu version(06_010)

3_Latest Newcs 1.67_rc1

4_Cross epg plugin

5_Channels list motor 2009_09_05 (set with yours diseqc/motor config)

6_Three skins

Enigma2 default

X2_line3 (tnx webkurier)

Merlin_racer (tnx webkurier)

7_Latest DVB_buster emu-panel v 1.1.1 (2009_09_05)

8_*.emu.cfg are only as reference set with your own

9_IncubusCamd_092 (0nly for test)

use same procedure to install it via usb_stick

Update bootloader with latest *.QHU file(2009_07_16) before install