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Thread: idiot's guide to seca codes

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    Cool idiot's guide to seca codes

    hi guys

    i am new to all this. just wondered if anyone could help by giving me an idiot's guide to unlocking channels on my technomate 1500ci+.

    i managed to patch the box to version 1.61 and downloaded the emukeys available on this website. i managed to unlock loads of channels but i would like to unlock the seca channels which include sky sports, discovery and HBO etc.

    i typed in the seca codes into the seca 1 & 2 boxes but the seca channels are still scrambled. i am on hotbird 13 degrees east.

    can anyone explain why the discovery channel still shows up as scrambled as well as all the seca channels when i have typed in all the correct codes into the seca 1 and seca 2 boxes and saved the information?

    i tried switching the digibox on and off and it made no difference. am i missing something here?


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    Re: idiot's guide to seca codes

    Try S/W Version 1.64p from Dec.22.2005

    Enter ->CAS Menu and happy editing....

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