Is Tony Ball too costly for ITV?
Chris Forrester

ITV now seemingly wants to hire Tony Ball, who until 2003 ran BSkyB. But now the bean counters need to get involved Ė and reportedly Tony Ballís financial demands for the job shook the ITV remuneration committee somewhat.

Ball earned more than £25m during the 4 years he ran Sky. Currently he is chairman of Cable Deutschland. Michael Grade, currently ITVís executive chairman is picking up just over £1m a year, but Ballís demands may be too rich for struggling ITV.

Ballís critics are asking what skillset he has for running a free-to-air broadcaster, and are also perhaps fearful of the consequences his blunt management style might create at ITV. Others have been vocal at what they saw as his Ďinformalí use of City institutions to try and bounce him into the position. Thereís a Board meeting at ITV this week.