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    magic usb

    Bonjours,a tous es-ce que quelqu'un connait magic stick tv satellite tv,et pourrait m 'en parler j'ai vu ca il parrait que l'on peut voir tous les canaux?? merci pour votre reponse.

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    Re: magic usb

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q1. What is the MagicStick ? 
    A1. The MagicStick is a dreambox compatible Linux Operating system that runs off a USB stick and provides access to on-demand content and all satellite Pay-TV channels. 
    Q2. My dreambox doesnt have a USB port, how will this work? 
    A2. You need to order the right stick for your box. If you dont have a USB port, you will be able to download the image from the stick into your box using the standard flashingtool of dreambox (DreamUP).
    For example for DM500(or clones), you can order a stick that works with DM800s but can also be used on DM500s by copying the image file to your Dreambox 500s
    Q3. What channels are available with the MagicOS software? 
    A3. All channels from 30W to 42 E are open, without any monthtly charges and in perfect quality. There are nearly 100 High Defenition channels and over 5000 Standard defenition channels available with this service. You will never be bored in front of your TV 
    Q4. Is there any monthly charge? 
    A4. There is no monthly / recurring charges! Life-time free updates! 
    Q5. I have accidently formatted my MagicStick. What do I do? 
    A5. Contact our support department and they will send you the necesarry restore tools and your private BIN file. 
    Q6. Which countries does the MagicStick work? 
    A6. The MagicStick OS works in all countries around the world with any dreambox compatible receiver. In orignal or clone boxes! All you need is a dreambox (and satellite-dish), The MagicStick and an internet connection. 
    Q7. How does the MagicOS open all the channels? 
    Q7. This is a trade secret but its guarantueed without freezing, glitching, zapping delay. The MagicOS takes care of the decoding part. 
    Q8. I have MagicOS 2.1.4 still on my stick. How can I update my software to MagicOS 2.8.0b? 
    A8. You need to download the latest restore tools and your private binary from our servers. Just follow the instructions on screen. 
    Q9. I have ordered my MagicStick today. When will it be delivered? 
    A9. Shipment are sent using DHL internation express delivery. All shipments leave our Paris(France) warehouse within 3 business days of the order. This is because every stick is custom and unique for each box & subscriber.
    Q10. My Magicstick is broken or Dead on Arrival. What do I do? 
    A10. Please e-mail us immediatly and we will send you out a replacement. Your old stick will be deemed unusuable.

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    Re: magic usb

    ca ressemble fort a un pack logiciel pour se connecter serveur de sharing ce machin, ni plus ni moins

    donc mefiance surtout que faire partir les trucs d'un entrepot a paris , c'est peut etre pas le truc le plus malin qui'ils aient trouvé (vu comment les flics fr sont chauds comme la braise avec le sharing payant). apres les serveurs sont surement pas en france mais bon, si un maillon de la filière tombe, le reste finit invariablement par suivre

    après les cartes magiques qui durent 6 mois, le stick magique qui durera...?

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