I ve just baught a new Echolink 5060 USB (Zeta).The problem is that i ve a twin LNB hotbird and astra.
The receiver receives the signal on both sattelits but on some channels of hotbird like for example Euronews or Dubai (just an example cause they are many)i ve no signal.I ve to go to the menu,swich off the LNB and then Swich him on.If i do that i ve signal on those channels.

That happend all the time if i want to see those channels.
My settings are:
LNB is on
LNB universal
Hotbird 1
Astra 2
On the manual they advise to use LNB user in steed of LNB universal but i can not receive any signal
Software im using in the latest version 3329E 04-09-2009
Is there any hope?