HDD Sleep Plugin for AzboxHD
Information about the plugin hddsleep

The plugin might be interesting for owners of Azbox elite who do not use the internal hard drive for recording and for which the USB drive itself does not go to sleep.

The plugin can be sent to USB hard disks after a reasonable period of inactivity in sleep mode. Sorry, can not be responsible in all the external boxes, the control commands.
Within the program, you can function by introducing a waiting period of 0.
For up to four plates (and using a USB hub) can be individually set the waiting time of 1 minutes to 9. In the test of R cknahme command starts the plate after a new entry.

In the new version can k partitions are mounted read-only new (or at least trying). In order to get their hands because you to refresh the left. There is mount, and from there back to the left is umount.
The second partition on a disk in / data / film related. One must therefore ensure only once in total, not a good idea when another internal drive. If a second partition available on the first partition / DATA / film mounted. That is all that is not thoroughly tested.

Installation As with all other plugins:
hddsleep.plugin either the files on a USB stick and plugins.lst
or telnet from another PC to the / tmp
Then with the remote: plugins, red button, and install / tmp / USB

The contract included the spindown.sh UFS910 (slightly modified), is a smaller version of sdp_mini sdparm (f r Azbox compiled with uClibc-0.9.27).

As usual in such cases can not guarantee f r be taken any damage. But I can assure you that no harmful parts of the program were installed.
holger.heit 31/08/2009