SES re-brands international divisions
Chris Forrester

SES Americom looks after satellite capacity over North America; SES New Skies looks after the satellite operator’s international capacity. Despite two separate HQs (in Princeton, NJ and The Hague, Netherlands) they have a single boss (Rob Bednarek) and – at long last – a new unifying name.

The name, SES World Skies, has been some time coming because of the complexity of the SES ‘federal’ operating system and that the two companies hold transmission licences from many different countries. Gaining formal approval from all of these parties has taken some time.

However, the operation – while remaining firmly under the overall SES banner – is a major company with 25 satellites in place (out of 40 in the complete SES fleet) and orders under way for another 6 craft due to be launched over the next couple of years.

“With the integration of SES Americom-New Skies nearly complete, SES World Skies more precisely describes the reach of our evolving fleet, the depth of our expertise, and our rock solid customer commitment around the globe,” said Rob Bednarek, President/CEO of SES World Skies. “SES World Skies is a world-class, global satellite operator serving six continents, and traversing three oceans with innovative and robust solutions as diverse as our customer base.”

Bednarek also noted that by leveraging SES’ financial strength, SES World Skies has initiated one of the industry’s most aggressive launch schedule and capacity expansion plans to meet the growing demand of markets everywhere. Included in these plans is the future launch of its NSS-12 satellite, which will deliver a mix of DTH, VSAT and telecom applications with coverage over Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).