ESPN Star Sports rebrands
Rose Major

ESPN Star Sports is rebranding in an attempt to attract new demographics to the broadcaster’s Asian channels, an “extensive” exercise that includes rebranding Star Sports with an aim “to keep the brand fresh and relevant to young diverse demographics”.

The new on-air presentation will br broadcast across ESS’s networks, which cover 24 countries. It includes on-air graphic elements such as brnad idents and logo stings, menu boards, backgrounds and monthly highlights.

All five Asian editions of key sports news programme SportsCenter will also be rebranded.

Star Sports gets a new circle symbol which the broadcaster says “captures [the] spirit of action and entertainment” while the new on-air presentation of ESPN uses a “scoreboard” moif to communicate its informative and newsy characteristics.

Manu Sawhney, Managing Director of ESPN STAR Sports, said: “With so many exciting sports properties currently being broadcast on our channels, the new branding for STAR Sports and the refreshed on-air presentations for each channel brand aim to enthuse and exhilarate sports fans and continue our strong and enduring association with them. Sports is a visual spectacle and our on-air packages aims to enhance this experience by speaking in the same dynamic and energetic language of sports, while articulating the channels’ brand promise to viewers across all age-groups and demographics.”