Nat Geo Wild HD and Animal Planet HD on n platform

* Rafal Tomasiak
* last update: 2009-09-07 16:03:10
* source: Inf. w?asna

On 2nd of September television of the new generation n has presented a new turbo decoder, new channels in operator's offer (Animal Planet HD, Nat Geo Wild HD nFilmHD, nFilmHD 2) and new promotions for the VOD collection. From 9th of September, when Animal Planet HD appears, HDTV offer of television of the new generation n will include 14 channels!

Three years ago, n television offered 44 channels with two high definition stations. N begins its fourth year with 82 channels of which 14 are available in HD: nFilmHD, nFilmHD2, TVN HD, nSport HD, TVP HD, Animal Planet HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, Discovery HD, MTVNHD, HBO HD , Filmbox HD, MGM HD, Eurosport HD and Eurosport 2 HD.

Turbo decoder will have 500 GB hard disc, faster processor and a completely new software (3-dimensional animated graphics, 7-day EPG in a form of TV guide, animated descriptions of movies etc.). Recording list will also have new interface, subscribers can sort it freely, for example by name, time or type. VOD movies will have original DVD cover. Turbo decoder will be introduced on 1st of November 2009.