Hi Everbody. I have an Starsat SRX-5300CU Super. I bought a new platinum golden dongel and used W6 and put my receiver on Twin Protokol but it didnt open any channels even the Dongel was upgraded with its lates firm and the W6 patch. I send the dongel back and got an older one the Y4 black. The seller said its upgraded for W6 and tested but still it didnt open any of the channels. I am really not sure if the seller have sold me defective dongels or my 5300 cu super just doesnt work with dongels even though the seller told me it works with this receiver. DOES ANYBODY KNOW IF ANY OF THE DONGELS WORK WITH THIS RECEIVER. My receiver is patched with the lates AliC and put it on Twin Protokol. Do I need to install any other patch. Please help me out since before I go after the seller I want to make sure of the problem. I appreciate any informed response.