Hy just started again after being out of the loop after illness and house moving.so i have my old digiquest hardware is 12.01.a5 but can use 12.03.a5 software,i used it for hotbird(tps ect) but now i just use it for uk freesat,so i set about changing the software back to original however, getting the original software was i nightmare i got 8000sci software from digilandia.net (very early release) and got fail,first i had to change my bootloader to 2.1.9.v4(219.v4),then find software that works,kaon 511 ksc and 570 ksc and some early AT sunny software works well as long as the hardware is the same,new software you can use for this box is bm_8200 or 8300 CI 12.01(3).A5 from the kaon thread.
First download "Kup230 engineer patched"then"219.v4 bootloader" then firmware of your choice.
Load bootloader on to your box using Kup230 in engineer mode(hit spacebar),when done turn of box ,point kup at firmware and then switch on box.
Info is here(original firmware in this file does not work and kup216 has no engineering mode but great tutorial)click on media then software update for 8000sci,download and unzip file,it shows pinout for rs232 lead.
I have got my box running great using ksc570 original firmware from the kaon thread.
I love this little satbox