SCTE Salutes David Broberg
CableLabs Exec to Get Excellence in Standards Award
by MCN Staff 9/9/2009 4:12:58 PM EDT

CableLabs executive David Broberg will receive the Excellence in Standards Award from the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers at its national conference on Oct. 28.

Broberg has distinguished himself in the SCTE Standards Program, the organization said, as a member of the SCTE Digital Video Subcommittee. Its charter is to identify requirements and develop standards for the design and operation of systems for delivery of video, audio, and associated data for the cable industry.

Broberg, who is vice president of consumer video technology for the office of the CTO at Cable Television Laboratories Inc., will receive his award at luncheon at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2009 on Wednesday, Oct. 28, in Denver.

The SCTE Excellence in Standards Award honors an SCTE Standards Program participant who has significantly contributed to both the technical standards program and the spirit of cooperation needed for the success of voluntary standards, SCTE said.

Broberg has been involved with DVS since the subcommittee's inaugural year in the mid-'90s. He has served in numerous DVS drafting groups, including the role of chair in the production of ANSI/SCTE 40 2004, Digital Cable Network Interface Standard and ANSI/SCTE 105 2005, Uni-Directional Receiving Device Standard for Digital Cable.

This year's award recipient has been with CableLabs® since 1999 and was a principal developer of the OpenCableTM hardware architecture. He is responsible for identifying, analyzing, and developing key strategic video technology and related specifications and standards. Broberg has more than three decades of technical and business experience in the television industry, including broadcast, cable, satellite, and consumer electronics, and he holds four awarded patents in the field.

Prior to joining CableLabs®, Broberg served in several key strategic engineering management and product development roles for Mitsubishi Electric, including digital broadcasting and consumer electronics.