SIS shrinks the kit
Chris Forrester

Suitcase-sized flyaway uplink kits are not new, but a sexy little box from specialists SIS LIVE does manage to miniaturise the ENGtechnology even further. This model is a true briefcase-sized unit, measuring just 16.2" x 12.5" and 5.5" deep.

SIS call it their RouteCase model. David Meynell, MD at SIS LIVE said: "We operate a very large fleet of broadcast units and have a unique perspective of the demands on equipment and staff for field operations. The RouteCase is designed specifically to work in multiple environments and replace less flexible, capable and compact units."

SIS says RouteCase was built to answer the need for a powerful and affordable unit that fits into a carry-on flight case and supports the production needs of live event staging, sporting events, business seminars and presentations and news-gathering. Designed as a true plug and play field unit built to withstand demanding environments, RouteCase is rugged yet easy to use. A Callisto Micro vision mixer serves as the heart of the unit enabling a fast and reliable means of mixing video and audio in the field. The unit can handle asynchronous inputs in a mixed format environment, with simultaneous SDI and analogue outputs for streaming and uplinks, and extensive monitoring facilities.

The compact unit measures just 41cm x 32cm x 17cm (16.2" x 12.5" x 5.5") and incorporates all the essential features necessary for live production, including a wireless camera link and quad-split monitoring. Extremely simple to set-up and operate, RouteCase offers three full channels of audio/video processing with mains/battery operation, talkback and remote control. The rugged integrated flight case design underscores its reliability in harsh conditions. To ensure compatibility with current format trends, RouteCase also offers as an option the award-winning Let It Wave up-conversion for simultaneous HD output.