GB-PVR 1.4.7

GB-PVR allow you to schedule TV recordings and view and pause live TV

GB-PVR is a fully featured Personal Video Recorder (PVR) that allows you to schedule TV recordings and view and pause live TV. In additional to this PVR functionality, it also acts as a media center allowing you to watch movies, listen to music, view pictures and listen to FM radio.

GB-PVR also supports specialist hardware decoders including Sigma Designs XCard, Hauppauge PVR350 and Hauppauge MediaMVP. GB-PVR also supports multiple tuners, allowing you to record more multiple channels at one time.

For TV Tuner cards, currently supported are:
 Hauppauge PVR250, PVR250MCE, PVR350, PVR USB2, PVR150, PVR150MCE and the dual-tuner PVR500MCE 
 ATI Theatre 550 Pro 
 DVB-T and DVB-S devices with BDA drivers including: 
 Hauppauge Nova-S 
 Hauppauge Nova-T 
 Hauppauge Nova-T USB2 
 Pinnacle MediaCenter 300i 
 Twinhan DVB-S 
 Twinhan DVB-T 
 Dvico Fusion DVB-T 
 V-Box DTT-150 
 Blockgold GDI DVB-T 
 Lifeview FlyDVB-T 

Here are some key features of "GB PVR":

 Easy to understand and control user interface
 TV Guide for easy scheduling of recordings 
 Support for season recordings, including 
 Support for automatically converting recordings to dvix/xvid/wmv/ipod etc
 Support for manual recordings on a specified channel at a specified time
 No-delay live preview tv, with the fastest possible channel change time
 Timeshift television allowing for pausing live tv etc.
 Multidec support enabling the use of a wide range of softcams and other DVB plugins.
 DVB Subtitles
 Stable operation with Recording Service running independently to ensure recordings always happen
 Online searching and viewing of YouTube
 Easy access to your music, videos and photos
 Net radio
 FM radio
 Support for HDTV 
 Multi-lingual support, with language packs available for many languages. 

 Playback of all popular video formats, MPEG, AVI, divx, xvid, TS, etc.
 Extensible playback mechanism allowing additional file types to be added with correct codecs install
 Automatic aspect ratio control
 DVD playback from either DVD drive or hard disk.
 Supports VMR9/VMR7/Overlay video renderers
 VMR9 Fullscreen Exclusive mode for the best possible picture
 Music visualisations.

 Supports a wide range of analog and digital cards 
 Supports all prevalent digital standards, incl DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-C and ATSC.
 Support for mixed combinations of different types of capture device
 Support for different channel lineups on each capture device if required
 No GB-PVR limit on number of capture devices
 Built in support for USB-UIRT, Hauppauge, Actisys IR200L and MCE IRBlasters.
 Native support for Hauppauge and MCE remotes.
 Native support for any remote via USB-UIRT.
 Plugin support for a wide variety of other hardware, from remotes to LCD readouts to different types of recording devices.
 One of very few apps capable of full using PVR350's tv out or XCard, though no longer offically supported.

Client/Server or Media Extender support
 PC client support
 Hauppauge MVP client support 


 A 1GHz PIII class CPU or higher is recommended, with ideally 512MB of RAM or more.
 A supported video capture device. Analog capture devices must have an onboard hardware MPEG2 encoder. Digital ATSC or DVB devices must have BDA compliant drivers. A full list of devices can be found on the wiki.

Software requirements:
 Microsoft .NET 2.0 runtime
 You must also have installed the updated Microsoft runtime files from before installing GB-PVR.
 If you're running Windows 2000, you'll also need to install MDAC2.6 (or higher).
What's New in This Release:

- added CI support for watching DVB pay TV channels outside of north america. Devices supported include Hauppauge WinTV-CI, and CI capable devices from Twinhan, FireDTV and TechnoTrend. You can enable CI support on a per capture source basis, using the new 'common interface' checkbox in the digital capture source settings.
- improved compatibility with Windows 7
- added logic to auto correct the tuning request of any already mapped channels at the end of each scan. Basically if your broadcaster had changed any audio/video pids, you can go into the config app and hit the 'rescan' button, then any channel mappings that match the same frequency and program number will be automatically updated to have the correct PIDs/PMT/PCR etc.
- DVB Subtitles now working again for live preview tv. When you're using the TS Mux it'll also work for timeshift mode tv, and for playback of recordings.
- streaming client mode is now compatible with 'TS Mux'
- updated channel digital channel scanning screen. Showing details about the selected channel.
- now keeps a few more backups of recording-dump.xml
- added support for DolbyDigital+ audio (also known as E-AC3). This audio format is starting to be used with channels in a few countries (France, Israel etc).
- QAM users can now choose to use HRC cable frequencies if they needed.
- at the end of a QAM scan it will ask the user for permission to query the Internet for additional channel information (ie channel names). This query uses the SiliconDust web API. Thank you SiliconDust (the HDHomeRun manufacturer) for offering the use of this service.
- fixed a bug where stopping DVD back would cause it to drop back to the main menu instead of staying in the plugin previously visible (for example, Video Library)
- fixed a problem where DVD playback could automatically restart on the next keystroke after previously stopping DVD playback when screen saver timeout period had expired.
- added ability to schedule to watch a future show. In TV Guide, press play on a show in the future and it'll highlight blue. App will start live tv and switch to that channel at the specified time. Pretty basic, no popup reminders on the screen.
- decoders listed in the config app are now dynamically detected, rather that from the list in config.xml
- fixed a problem with selecting the daemon tools executable in the config app.
- improved .ts playback
- new capture sources now default to the digital capture plugin instead of analog.
- added "-fullscreen" and "-window" command line parameters which can be used to override the default settings specified in the config app
- many PCH improvements to support changes Martin has been making to mvpmcx2. (already made available via patches)
- updated mux checker to show TS Mux and DVR-MS mux.
- added support ffdshow as H.264 decoder. This decoder doesnt seem to work that well for live H.264 tv though, and often display garbage on the screen when you channel change.
- added support for the Microsoft H.264 decoder (as used by Windows 7 Media Center)
- added option to treat the 'Play' key as a 'Play/Pause' key.
- radio stations now included in the digital scan results
- DVB-S2 now available on Hauppauge devices
- fixed a bug where focus would not move to the list control if you clicked on it with a mouse
- improved logic for scanning digital streams for channels
- fixed a problem with using the ArcSoft Video Decoder (and some other video decoders) with transport stream recording playback.
- fixed a crash that could occur changing skins from the settings menu.
- added genre to the ADS metadata stored with recordings
- updated mdapi support to also work for encrypted H.264 channels. Also fixed a related but that was stopping mdapi support on some channels with AC3 audio.
- 'search guide' and 'find all' search results now also include shows currently airing
- fixed a bug that could cause the automatic 'empty epg' step to be skipped during the during the epg update process if the user had any capture sources with the Epg Source set to 'none'.
- added ability for skin files to specify a .ttf filename in <TextStyle> so that fonts can be loaded from a file rather than an installed font. The .ttf file must be in the root directory of the skin that uses that font. For example, <TextStyle name="DefaultTextStyle" typeFace="aeon_font.ttf" size="12" style="bold"/>
- setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\devnz\TSMuxBlockEncryp ted=1 (DWORD) will cause the TS Mux to discard encrypted packets rather than writing them to the file being recorded.

Download GBPVR10407

VERY IMPORTANT. This version of GB-PVR uses a newer Microsoft runtime that previous versions of GB-PVR, so you absolutely need to install the new vcredist_x86. New users and users upgrading from earlier releases with need to install this.

For new users, I'd recommend reviewing the guides here and here . These will help you through the process of getting GB-PVR up and running.

If upgrading from an earlier version, its recommended you backup your existing gbpvr.db3 and config.xml files, and store them away in a safe place in case of any problems during the upgarde. These files would be needed if you want to go back to the previous version. For those upgrading, I'd also recommend stopping all GB-PVR software (tray app, recording service etc) prior to starting the upgrade.