Hi Everyone,

I am after some help big time.

My husband has had a satellite that is mortorised installed onto the front of our house, he has bought an Astra Delta Digi Box (if that makes sense) and also a diablo cam card that is apparently pre-programmed with something named underworld 1.82? While this has all been lovely for him I am wound up because honestly he does not have a clue what he is doing!

So I am really after someone to assist/guide and help with some background information and help on what he is supposed to do with all this equipment! I have tried going through some of the posts you have on here but its like another language! he is not technical and just wants to be able to watch the scrambled chanels (mainly for football and movies)

So please if anyone out there would not mind giving us some help (and me some peace) then it would be muchly appreciated.

Thanks Again