SmarDTV announces CI Plus module SmarCAM-3

* 2009-09-10 18:52:35 / Anna Sulisz/Rafa? Tomasiak
* last update: 2009-09-11 11:00:52
* source: Kudelski Group

SmarDTV, a Kudelski Group company, announced the availability of a new Conditional Access Module (CAM) for France. SmarCAM-3 CANAL READY module enables CANAL+ Groupís DTT offer to be viewed without a set-top and comes bundled with a CANAL+ smart card. It can be used by subscribers to access CANAL+ channels, including high-definition, directly on their CANAL READY TV sets.

SmarCAM-3 is the first SmarDTV module to implement the CI Plus specification which guarantees the content protection and security. The SmarCAM-3 CANAL READY module will be soon available in shops in France. SmarCAM-3 CANAL READY module is plugged directly in the digital TV using the industry standard DVB-CI physical interface.

CANAL READY label, launched in May 2009 by CANAL+ Group, informs French consumers that the equipment they want to buy allows CANAL+ channels and services reception. Given to industrial partners, the label integrates technical and functional quality specifications.