Open TV has new platform, welcomes developers
Rose Major

Open TV has unveiled its brand new middleware platform, Open TV Core3, at IBC, which it said “simplifies the integration and deployment of everything from complex user interfaces to consumer services and application widgets.”

Expected to be available by mid-2010 to select customers, he new platform’s open authoring environment further accelerates the deployment of third party applcations and support for HTML/JavaScript, Adobe Flash as well as industry standards demanded by the marketplace, said Open TV. It offers an adaptable framework that enables operators to easily support new features and functionalities that may emerge in the future and also tailor their offerings based on local market requirements.

Ben Bennett, OpenTV’s Chief Executive Officer,said: “With Core3, OpenTV is reasserting its commitment to operator choice by providing a unique middleware architecture that is not only the most open and modular, but also embraces the latest industry standard for application development.”

Meanwhile, Open TV also said it was licensing its suite of application development tools to the developer community at no charge. The OpenTV SDK Development Suite is an integrated interactive application development environment for OpenTV middleware that allows developers to create applications for interactive television using the complete functionality of an OpenTV-enabled set-top box.

“OpenTV believes it is important to open up to the community of developers and enable more companies to write and pitch truly compelling interactive applications. Our SDK suite will also allow manufacturers to write and test applications more easily than ever,” said Mike Ivanchenko, SVP Sales for OpenTV. “This will strengthen the OpenTV ecosystem by enabling developers to create and offer compelling applications with our suite of tools.”

Of course, if developers have applications all ready to go for Open TV middleware, then operators are more likely to select the company’s platform.