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The Million Pound Note (U) 1954 An eccentric multi-millionaire bets his equally rich brother that if a man is known to be wealthy, he can get by without ever spending any money, obtaining everything he needs on credit. To put this theory to the test, they give 1million to a penniless seaman, but instruct him never to spend it. Comedy adapted from a story by Mark Twain, starring Gregory Peck, Jane Griffiths, Joyce Grenfell and Wilfrid Hyde White (888)

The Siege at Red River (PG) 1954 A Confederate secret agent lays his hands on a shipment of guns, but before he can do anything with the cache a former comrade betrays him and leaves him fighting for his life behind enemy lines. Western set during the American Civil War, starring Van Johnson, Joanne Dru and Richard Boone (888)

Hell and High Water (U) 1954 A mercenary American captain with a submarine and crew for hire embarks on a mission to search out sites of illegal atomic testing by Chinese communists somewhere in the Arctic Circle. Cold War adventure, with Richard Widmark, Victor Francen, Bella Darvi and David Wayne (888)

The Spanish Gardener (U) 1956 An insecure diplomat becomes jealous of his son's friendship with their Spanish groundsman. As his concern grows, he vows to take drastic steps to put an end to their relationship but his foolhardy actions lead to tragedy. Drama based on the novel by AJ Cronin, starring Dirk Bogarde, Michael Hordern, Jon Whiteley, Cyril Cusack and Geoffrey Keen (888)

The Phantom of the Opera (12) 2004 A disfigured composer lurks in the catacombs beneath a Paris opera house, giving rise to stories that the building is haunted. The lonely maestro becomes infatuated with a talented young singer, and plans to turn her into a star. However, his love for her is doomed to end in tragedy. Adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, starring Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, Miranda Richardson and Minnie Driver (888)

Without a Paddle (12) 2004 Three friends embark on a canoeing trip in honour of a late, lamented pal but the expedition proves far from relaxing, with a perilous river and hillbilly dope farmers conspiring to ensure the experience goes horribly wrong. Comedy, starring Seth Green, Matthew Lillard, Dax Shepard, and Burt Reynolds, (888)

The Fountain (12) 2006 Premiere. Darren Aronofsky's perplexing and visually stunning sci-fi romance follows the thousand-year quest of a man to save the woman he loves. In the 16th century, Hugh Jackman is a conquistador battling to save his Spanish queen from destruction. In modern-day America, he is a scientist desperately searching for a cure for his wife's cancer. In the 26th century, the actor appears in a more abstract role as he searches for eternal life in the depths of space. Rachel Weisz stars as the object of all three men's affections, with Ellen Burstyn and Mark Margolis appearing in the supporting cast

City of God (18) 2003 Over the course of 20 years, a Brazilian neighbourhood is plunged into violence by the conflict between rival street gangs. Growing up in this environment, Buscape hopes to become a photographer, but his childhood friend Li'l Ze's craving for control over the drugs trade sees him drawn repeatedly into the city's underworld. Crime drama, starring Alexandre Rodrigues, Matheus Nachtergaele and Leandro Firmino

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