Chinese broadcaster CCTV launches four more channels to Europe
by Andy Sennitt

GlobeCast has launched four additional channels for Chinese broadcaster CCTV on its platform on Eurobird™ 9A satellite for pan-European coverage. CCTV-4, CCTV Español (Spanish), CCTV Russian and CCTV Arabia now have access to a potential audience of 300 million households. GlobeCast’s solution for CCTV includes fibre delivery to its Brookmans Park facility outside London, where the channels are uplinked to the Eurobird™ 9A satellite at 9°E.

CCTV is the latest major broadcaster to join GlobeCast’s platform on Eurobird™ 9A. In June of this year, GlobeCast announced the migration of BBC Prime to the satellite, which shares a broadcast neighbourhood with market-leader Hot Bird™. The satellite provides comprehensive Direct-to-Home coverage of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.