Platform TVP launched. TVP1, and TVP2 TVP HD FTA Now

Polish public television TVP (Telewizja Polska) today launched a trial operation of its satellite platform for retail audience (DTH). Programs TVP, including HD, and TVP TV Puls being broadcast freely, so they are accessible to all viewers satellite Astra, 19.2 degrees east.

Paket TVP works in DVB-S2 standard, 8PSK modulation. All television programs are broadcast in modern compression format MPEG-4/H.264 (AVC) with AC3 audio, including radio circuits Polish Radio (PR). To receive the necessary satellite HD set top box with support for MPEG-4 and DVB-S2.

TVP provides three software packages (in the run is still a FTA package, FTV packet will start in December):

- FTA: TVP1, TVP2, TVP INFO, TVP Polonia, TVP Historia, TVP Kultura, TVP HD, TV Puls and TV TRWAM

- FTV: Polsat, Polsat 2, TVN, and TVP Sport TVN7

- Pay tv: content is not yet known

FTA channels will be distributed freely, without owning a decoder and an access card. Programs to be broadcast via the Astra spot beam, which will have limited coverage (only Poland and immediate surroundings). There is no indication that such a bond at all Astra offers. May be a formal reduction of income programs and TV Puls TVP.

FTV package will be available for one-time investment in a satellite facility.

Pay-TV channels will be paid in the form of a la carte.

FTV and pay-TV programs will be running NDS Videoguard conditional access. To receive the required certified set top box TVP, which should appear on the market later this year.

Commercial platforms in Poland TVP satellite network project criticized - particularly "commercial nature of public service" (competing commercial platforms are broadcast on satellite Hot Bird, 13 E). In addition to programs TVP viewer gets access to other programs the wholesale Polish royalty in the future also to package paid stations to be offered through a la carte. Details of the pay-TV are not yet available.

technical parameters of income:

Satellite: Astra (19.2 E)
Frequency: 10.862 GHz
Polarization: Horizontal
SR: 22000
FEC: 5 / 6
Standard: DVB-S2
Modulation: 8PSK

transmitted programs:

TVP1 - service ID 7100, Video PID 512 (MPEG-4), audio PID 650, 651 (AC3), FTA
TVP2 - service ID 7101, Video PID 513 (MPEG-4), audio PID 660, 661 (AC3), FTA
TVP Info - service ID 7102, video PID 514 (MPEG-4), audio PID 670 (AC3), FTA
TVP Sport - service ID 7103, Video PID 515 (MPEG-4), audio PID 680, 681 (AC3), FTA
TV Polonia - service ID 7104, Video PID 516 (MPEG-4), audio PID 690, 691 (AC3), FTA
TVP Historia - service ID 7105, video PID 517 (MPEG-4), audio PID 700 (AC3), FTA
TVP Kultura - service ID 7106, Video PID 518 (MPEG-4), audio PID 710 (AC3), FTA
TVP HD - service ID 7120, Video PID 532 (MPEG-4), audio PID 850, 851 (AC3), FTA
TV Puls - service ID 7109, video PID 521 (MPEG-4), audio PID 740 (AC3), FTA

PR Jedynka - service ID 7201, audio PID 631 (AC3), FTA
PR Number two - service ID 7202, audio PID 632 (AC3), FTA
PR TROJKA - service ID 7203 Audio PID 633 (AC3), FTA
PR EURO - service ID 7204, audio PID 634 (AC3), FTA
PR DLA Zagranica - service ID 7205, audio PID 635 (AC3), FTA
Rite PARLIAMENT - service ID 7206, audio PID 636 (AC3), FTA

Thanks to the initiative TVP receive satellite households with income of 19.2 E TVP other attractive programs, including stations in high definition (HDTV), TVP HD, and the wholesale to other programs (including commercial) without regular monthly fee. Service is produced in a time when Poland is preparing for the transition from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting. Many of the earth will be covered with DVB-T and receiving programs from the satellite will be a future solution to many households receiving TV broadcasts.

Similar service (to a lesser extent) offers a virtual platform TNK (Television on the card). Access card operating system Conax allows access to the five programs indefinitely - TVP1, TVP2, TVN, TVN 7, Furthermore, the viewer the opportunity to order a package of pay programs (drop-down menu of stations in the packet N).