Disney XD begins in Spain

Youngsters’ channel Disney XD will begin broadcasting on September 18 in Spain. The new channel is addressed to viewers 6 to 14 years old and will be a pay TV channel.

Among the programmes the channel will offer is Zeke and Luther, an animated TV series. The contents of the new channel are based on humour, adventure and action. Another will be 'Aaron Stone' an action series which will be accompanied by the online video 'Hero Rising', allowing viewers to be the main characters. The game registered nearly 200,000 unique users in only two months.

José Vila, Disney Spain’s vice-president and CEO said: “We're very happy Disney XD will be available in Spain because we believe it will be a great succes and will allow us to continue to offer the best televised quality contents for both young men and women. The characters of the channel represent all a youngster wants to be nowadays: aspiring and very active people who, although they're not perfect, are intelligent, generous, forward people and brave people. Apart from this all the programmes on the channel have an important amount of humour, adventure, sports and friendship and their core is to always be better people."